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Advocare Advocare Advocare – who is this and why should I care?

Advocare is a product line that Burnis has decided is worthy to be included in the Body By Burnis formula to great health and fitness. This product line offers solutions for weight loss and muscle maintenance and energy (which we women seem too have too little of) to name a few. Feel free to go to the website of Advocare at There will be much more information on their website then we will provide on our web site. We try to keep a stock of all items that we have not only used but have received good results from on our shelves at the Training Center. If you would like to purchase anything or have questions, just send  an email to

How To Begin which is also the Product focus for the summer:

10 day Cleanse

I had never done a “cleanse” before but have watched my sister over the years do many, with little to no results. I was a bit skeptical at first but also got tired of being sick and tired of my belly. To my amazement, I lost 5 pounds with just the cleanse process and it was not water weight. Believe me, with the amount of water you consume in the Cleanse phase, you will understand what I am saying. I will describe some of the items in the system, product by product, and what each one does. There are many boot campers who have done the cleanse process and many that have opted to do it again (which is only recommended every 90 days).

Herbal Cleanse – You will take this on specific days, mixed with water, and you will want to drink it fast. The Herbal cleanse is fixing your liver and kidneys so that those organs filter and process food well. I did not realize I would be so impacted from this item. I can feel my body respond to food, as well as alcohol, differently.

Meal Replacement Shake – You will also take this on specific days, mixed with water. I continue to take this product because it was the answer to my breakfast dilemma. The protein contained in the shake is fabulous and I don’t feel hungry until it is time for morning snack.  This shake now comes in a dairy-free formula which is an excellent alternative to lactose intolerant diets.

OmegaPlex – You will take these pills daily. If you have taken fish oils in the past and tasted them later, you will appreciate these pills. The ingredients are a much higher grade and the protective coating on the pills keeps you from tasting this much needed vitamin, all day long.

Spark – It tastes like Cool-aide and is mixed with water to give you an energy boost and clear focus. I take this in the afternoon when I tend to wane, but this is NOT an energy drink loaded with caffeine and there is no crash. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can replace the Spark with V16.

You commit to 10 days of a regiment, with a meal plan, and be amazed at the results. This is a “toe dip in the water” to losing that stubborn fat that won’t go away but keeping that lean muscle you develop each and every bootcamp.